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loan market association

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A savings and loan association (S&L) is a financial institution that specializes in savings deposits and mortgage loans , and has become one of the primary sources of mortgage loans for homebuyers today. It offers mortgage services to people from the savings and deposits received from private investors . Depositors and borrowers are members with voting rights and have the ability to direct the financial and managerial goals of the organization .

This annual report describes FHFA's accomplishments, as well as challenges, the agency faced in meeting the strategic goals and objectives during the past fiscal year.

Goal: Help restore confidence, enhance capacity to fulfill mission, and mitigate systemic risk that contributed directly to instability in financial markets.​

MAINTAIN foreclosure prevention activities and credit availability, REDUCE taxpayer risk, and BUILD a new single-family securitization infrastructure. Read more​ in the 2016 Scorecard and Conservatorships Strategic Plan.​

This month marks seventeen years since the Loan Market Association ( “LMA” ) began as an association of financial institutions, constituted to develop the secondary loan market in Europe. Primary lenders like banks and financial institutions can sell, on the secondary market, loans on their books to other financial entities. The LMA’s focus was on the syndicated loan market, that is, the market for loans that are shared by several banks and financial institutions.

The primary reason that most entities in the financial markets find themselves adhering to the standard form documents recommended by either the LMA or the APLMA is that these agreements are created after consultation with different stakeholders. The boilerplate provisions in these agreements are therefore reliably conducive to the interests of all parties. This allows the parties to really focus on the key commercial points of their transaction, without being bogged down by lengthy negotiations on boilerplate provisions.

LMA recommended documentation is also constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the loan markets. Standard form documents were changed after the global financial meltdown in 2008. Until then, the standard form agreements focused primarily on the breach of the agreement by the borrowers. However, after large financial institutions were unable to meet the commitments under numerous agreements in 2008, the LMA modified its standard form agreements . In June 2009, the LMA launched documentation to address defaults by lenders, arrangers, and other finance parties and included specific clauses to address market disruption of this nature.

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