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Ride Lonesome is a 1959 CinemaScope Western film directed by Budd Boetticher starring Randolph Scott, Karen Steele, Pernell Roberts, Lee Van Cleef, and James …

Lonesome Jim is a 2005 American comedy/drama film directed by Steve Buscemi. Filmed mostly in the city of Goshen, Indiana, the film stars Casey Affleck as a ...

Fresh, seasonal ingredients are at the heart of Canyon Kitchen’s culinary philosophy. As a result, the menu changes regularly or due to availability, quality, or the whim of the chef.

Throw the Life Preserver- #FishStewRescue
A grassroots effort by Vivian Howard to support our farmers in Eastern North Carolina
North Carolina Flounder Brandade, Smoked Trout, Fingerling Potatoes, House Bacon,
Last of the Season Tomato Broth, Soft Boiled Egg, White Bread, Pickled Peppers

The Marsh Elliott
Baked Oysters, Anson Mills White Grits, Oyster Gravy, Toasted Benne,
Pickle Vegetable Mélange

An independent former ranch foreman is kidnapped along with an heiress, who is being held for ransom by trio of ruthless outlaws.

Texan Tom Buchanan is heading back home with enough money to start his own ranch, but when he stops in the crooked town of Agry, he's robbed and framed for murder.

Bart Allison and sidekick Sam arrive in the town of Sundown on the wedding day of town boss Tate Kimbrough, whom Allison blames for his wife's death years earlier.

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07 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club
14 October - Indio, California - Empire Polo Club
19 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena | CANCELLED!
22 October - Las Vegas, Nevada - T-Mobile Arena [older news => Olé-Tour 2016 part #1 | ZIP-Code Tourstart 2015 | Tour 2014 | Start 2014 | Tour 2013 | Rehearsals 2013 | 2012-2 | 2012-1 | 2011 | 2010 ]

=> Good news as the year winds down: Vienna/Austria is not officially confirmed, but almost! Austrian tabloid "Heute" knows , that there are 2 dates which may get set for 2 shows in Vienna: June 3 & 4. They also name three more dates for Paris (June 24), Oslo (July 1) and somewhere in the Netherlands on July 14. Here's article (german) ... more to come soon, I guess! ^^

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