Payday loans south africa

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payday loans south africa

You cannot predict the status of your financial survival month after month. Even with a monthly salary, unexpected expenses pop up. So what do you do when, after your salary, you’ve paid all your accounts, bond/rent and bought all your groceries, and basically followed through on your budget down to the T. But, then suddenly, you find yourself faced with a family emergency that requires your immediate financial attention?

Get cash now

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You can apply from R500 up to R3 000, and up to R8000 for existing customers. If you qualify you'll get paid on the same day!

Check out our cool slider thingamajig to help you choose the loan amount and repayment term that suits you best. We offer quick, short-term PayDay Loans of between R500 and R3000, payable within 5 - 35 days, based on your preference. PayDay Loans are unsecured, so no need to secure cash with Grandma’s vintage furniture this time.

PayDay Loans may be small but, when used as a stopgap until your next payday, these little guys can really save the day, bigtime. Anything could happen in 35 days. Zombie apocalypse. Misplaced luggage. In-grown toenail and the like. You need money for most things in life. Chill, we’ve got this.

SA Payday Loan’s Services Include:
Payday Loans
Easy Personal Cash Loans
Personal Cash Loans while Blacklisted
Quick Personal Cash Loans
Small Personal Cash Loan

Requirements for getting a Personal Cash Loan:
Cash Loan Applicant must be between the ages of 18 – 65
Cash Loan Applicant must be employed for at least 3(three) consecutive months
Cash Loan Applicant must earn a minimum gross monthly income of R3000
Cash Loan Applicant must have bank account into which the applicant’s salary is deposited electronically.
Getting a Personal Cash Loan Online has never been this easy. SA Payday Loans now provides an easy to use online application portal, with quick approval for your Personal Cash Loan needs.

Complete Application form to Apply – Below is Step 1, Complete to continue to Step 2
“Apply with SA Payday Loans Today, to get your personal cash loan approved.”

Competitive ATM fees.
Free POS (when swiping your card at merchants and stores).
No monthly or annual card fee. No initiation fees
Competitive transaction based Admin fees.
Credit facility at less then 2% per month.
R60.00 per month service fee.
Card couriered to your doorstep free of charge

Easy online application.
Card delivered to your door, free of charge.
Access funds from your card as you need it, via ATM or POS.
Get charged only for what you use, No use – No charge.
Your card will be topped up to agreed limit every month, no need to reapply.

Once off application – life time of credit.
Access funds anytime anywhere.
Pay only for what you use, No use – No Charge.
Competitive ATM fees and free POS.
Revolving credit facility at less then 2% per month.
Deposit your own funds into the card (up to R25,000.00 per month), at no extra costs.

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