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payday one fort worth tx

I often receive questions regarding Texas employees and when they should receive their final paycheck from their employer. In Texas, the law governing the timing of your final paycheck is the Texas Payday Law, which is similar to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act but includes some additional, state-specific rules for employee wages. Under the Texas Payday Law, you must receive your final paycheck under specific deadlines based upon who terminated your employment .

If you voluntarily ended your employment (and that includes constructive discharge) then your employer must pay your final wages by the next regular pay day. That means even if paid on a monthly cycle your employer can delay paying wages until the next month’s pay date. If your employer ended your employment (you were fired, involuntarily terminated, etc.) then your employer must pay your final wages no later than six days of your discharge. In cases of “mutual separation” where ending employment was an agreed decision, it is usually treated as an involuntary termination. (A wise employer in these cases would pay final wages within six days just to cover itself.)

If you receive bonuses or commissions your employer does not have to accelerate these payments. Instead, your employer can pay you on the normal pay date even if that is years down the road. The exception is that if your employer has an acceleration clause in your employment contract, in the bonus or commission agreement, or other employment document governing the bonus or commission structure, then the employer must accelerate payment after you leave the company in whatever way it has agreed or explained it will follow. If you receive other fringe benefits, such as 401k match or health benefits, these will follow the same rule.

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